The concept of administrative process, in its original conception, refers to the set of activities that enable the transformation of inputs into products and services. These activities are interconnected and interdependent. That is, they are executed individually but affect each other.Delimit administrative tasks so that they act with planning and measure the results that may be involved, among other things, optimizing the use of company resources.

The process architecture is based on four pillars: planning, organization, direction, and control.



The plan encompasses activities that anticipate scenarios and promote action plans for more efficient work. It is in these strategies that we formulate that we reduce the identified risks and promote greater access to opportunities.



Organization is the set of sub-processes that identify the best possible allocation of company resources. Therefore, it is done based on planning. Its main operating instrument is the modeling of structures and processes.



For its part, the management process respects the management of the company for which the established objectives are defined. In it, the role played by the leader generates significant impacts. The link between strategies and employee motivation, for example, is their responsibility.



Finally, control is the process responsible for removing the data we generate, information relevant to the monitoring and management of the company. The organizational model and production are two examples of factors that we specify are followed by so much so that the organization does not keep certain noises.

UP TRADE has in its staff qualified professional collaborators with a lot of market experience acquired in multinational and national companies throughout their careers, to assume management positions focused on operational and financial restructuring, operational improvements, and cost reduction mainly.


Our entire team has full resourcefulness and technical qualification to develop and execute plans and businesses, define strategies always in close contact with our clients, ranging from changing the corporate culture, implementing high-standard corporate governance, and focusing on operational results.

Over the years since its founding in September 2000, UP TRADE has managed to obtain enormous credibility, efficiency, and absolute secrecy from the financial market in projects carried out for its clients, which were fundamental to the success of our organization and conduction of financial restructuring operations, placing us in a prominent position as one of the main companies in this segment.


This whole process was due to the enormous experience and knowledge of the mechanisms of its executives in debt projects and negotiations and mainly due to the great relationship with basically all the financial institutions and credit funds in the country, in addition to a close relationship with the most law firms in our country, which undoubtedly results in an excellent track record of carrying out projects of this nature.


One of the main competitive advantages for this credibility of ours is due to its executives who have been in the financial market for many years and who have already worked in several prominent positions in national and international companies in our country.

  • UP TRADE, through its professionals with extreme experience in the labor market in national and international companies, can help its clients in the implementation of corporate governance, which is the field of administration that deals with the set of relationships between the management of companies, their boards management, its shareholders, and other interested parties.It establishes the ways in which the suppliers of capital to corporations are assured of a return on their investments.

Working on several projects, UP TRADE has helped some companies in their corporate advisory processes, which long before the elaboration of instruments to formalize a transaction between partners and company, whenever necessary, organizing or reorganizing a business is fundamental and It is extremely necessary to understand the social relations and what are the effects on the people involved and the company, their economic and tax advantages and disadvantages and, finally, what are the appropriate legal means to instrumentalize the agreements signed by the parties. In our corporate advisory project, we rely on the expertise of our legal partners and lawyers, who contribute enormously from the preparation of project feasibility studies to the legal instruments and other contracts, as well as taking care of all the arrangements for the necessary records. in the various organs

  • Issuance of accounting and appraisal reports for technical purposes of Corporate Accounting.We also offer advisory services in the implementation of Financial Reports, with appropriate compliance with the International Accounting Standard (IFRS/CPCS).