Mergers and Acquisitions

UP TRADE Consulting, advises companies and investment funds in the various stages of the process are partial acquisition, the total acquisition, merger, consolidation, reorganization and structuring of purchase and sale of investments and assets of a company or selling divisions Business. Our services are customized to meet the specific needs of each organization, with emphasis on an industry or sector helping to define the strategy to achieve the objectives and identify opportunities.

This advice includes the importance of these operations, which require expert advice due to its complexity, including technical knowledge, negotiating skills and intensive dedication.

UP TRADE Consulting offers the unique combination of these factors, including extensive knowledge of domestic and international corporate finance, business strategy, in addition to the full field of trading tools, invested in customer benefit and appreciation of their assets.

Added to our international experience in our offices at Miami-USA and London-England, and an Administrative office in Italy, our extensive network of contacts built up over the years and access to potential strategic investors in various sectors, as well as our partnerships with leading equity funds in companies (Private Equity), allow us to identify buyers and close transactions quickly and securely.

Advisory Services

  • Company assessment (valuation)
  • Confidential Information Memorandum Confection
  • Understanding of the objectives of shareholders
  • Preparation of material for the road show looking for potential investor
  • Potential investors Mapping
  • Development of Trading Strategy
  • Support in legal due diligence and accounting close to Auditing firms
  • The data room organization
  • Negotiation of final terms
  • Drawing up the contract and financial closing of the transaction